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A Manic Street Preachers Fan Community

Repelling Ghosts
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"Deny your conditioning. Cry. Love your friends. Kiss strangers. Drink more. Do what you want. Have a baby. Believe in Narcissus. Articulate boredom. Drink piss. Get naked. Argue constantly. Masturbate openly. Never hallucinate. Exercise sensitivity. Suck cock. Fuck. It's all so empty." -- Richey Edwards.

This is a community for fans of the Manic Street Preachers to talk about themselves as well as the band. I'd like it to become the Live Journal equivalent of a fanzine, if there can be such a thing. It goes without saying but no spamming, controlled amounts of fangirling please, no off-topic posts (politics, religion, art and things like that are fine though ;)), no advertising non-Manics communities or websites,... and just be kind to one another.

Thank you.

--- Moderated by mercurycirce
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